About us




The association strives for the  highest  standards in occupational therapy products and services that are accessible to all those who need them, to ensure the full and active participation of persons with activity limitations /disabilities in society and to enhance their quality of life by providing opportunities for engagement  in occupations through interaction with accessible and supportive environments.


The association unites the efforts of the occupational therapists in Bulgaria for the promotion, establishment and development of occupational therapy practice, education and research, as well as for the support, protection and professional development of its members and the protection of the public.


  1. To promote and maintain high standards of education, research and practice and to advance the professional creativity of its members.
  2. To ensure that all qualified occupational therapists strive to assert the highest professional and research standards in advancing the recognition of occupational therapy and occupational science.
  3. To represent and defend the interests of Bulgarian occupational therapy professionals and to ensure the rights of its members and the consumers of the occupational therapy services within the legal context.
  4. To contribute to providing equal opportunities for disabled people and to advocate for their right to independent living and social inclusion.