General assembly

The General Assembly consists of all full members – each member one vote.

The General Assembly:

  1. approves, makes amendments and additions to the constitution of the association;
  2. approves the framework, policy plan, activity programme and Code of Conduct and Ethics of the association;
  3. elects and dismisses Board members;
  4. elects and dismisses the President;
  5. elects and dismisses a delegate and one alternate to represent ABET in the WFOT;
  6. approves the report of the Board;
  7.  approves membership fee and the term of payment;
  8. approves the budget and the annual financial report of the association;
  9. decides regarding expulsion/exclusion from the association;
  10. decides/votes  on  reorganizational dissolution of the association and on merging with another association;
  11. votes on membership in other organizations;
  12. abrogates decisions of other bodies of the association, which contradict the law, the constitution or other statements, regulating the activities of the association;
  13. approves the acceptance of honorary members;
  14. approves the working structures of the association.


The General Assembly will be convened by the Board, but at least once a year.